Some people believe that for a hobby to be enjoyable it should be hard to acquire or learn. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

It is incontrovertible to assert that diligent determinations are required to achieve a specific goal. Although many individual feel that acquiring or learning a new hobby to be made enjoyable, it requires an effort to obtain. However, I am accord with the statement that for getting skilful in the domain, one must have to be goal oriented and emphasised by learning and arduous toward it. Therefore, I agree with the above statement. In the following paragraphs, I shall put forth my arguments to support my viewpoints. To embark upon, making recreation embellishing, the individuals have to perform his or her hobby as a passion since it diverts to perform in a competitive manner that tends to be successful in a specific domain. It also cultivates the mastery in the skill if we rigorously motivate towards it and perform compellingly. It is considered that the hobbies comes from within and bestowing the shape, it makes a person perfect in a specific field and therefore, makes them successful in their life. Swimming, Exepli Gratia, can be considered as an optimum hobby for any individual if it is taken as a profession and brush-up the skill leads to victory in the respective field. Thus, with the support of the technique and apply to learn to it make it enjoyable. In addition to that, hard work is also an indispensable factor play a significant role to make recreation perfect as with the aid of this; hobbies can be made as a profession that leads to popularity everywhere. For instance, if an individual put it 100 per cent to his hobbies with complete dedication and effort, he will be successful in all aspects of life. On the contrary, if it is considered as the only hobby without any hard work or training, then it would not be a dedicated effort and might be a probability that it can be left at the latter stage hence always apply dedication on the top of it to make it as a profession. In conclusion, without meticulous effort, the amusement may be considered as an enjoyment only, but not complete dedication; however, if the effort, new techniques to learn the skill and dedication are applied it makes the recreation amusable.
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