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With the use of robots in manufacturing now a fact of life, we are now moving towards a time in which the retail and service industries are replacing workers with robots as well. Whilst there are some clear benefits for employers, I feel that overall their use would be disadvantageous, particularly for consumers or employees.
Nowadays, we are in the fourth industrial revolution in which the retail and business are replacing workers with robot as well. While there are some benefits for employers, it also bring some drawbacks for the economy.
Ever since the inception of robot technologies, there has been an increase in the polarization of public opinion. Proponents of this advance affirm that its merits are of greater importance compared to the drawbacks as the development is conducive to various domains and humans’ lives. Nevertheless, I strongly contend that the drawbacks of this phenomenon are far more significant.
With the development of technology, robots take an important role in life these days, which have thought public opinion. However, from my point of view, I believe that there are some drawbacks that may shadow them.
With all high qualities teachnologies and good development, robots nowadays plays an important roles in human lifes too. Compared to the drawbacks as the development is conducive to various domains. Of course it’s clearly help a lots in employee life but it’s also come with quite a lots of disadvantages.
Replacing the human labor force with artificial intelligence to undertake elementary responsibilities in industries such as show business, recreation and sales are believed to have lots more benefits than drawbacks. In this essay, I will argue that the trend is obviously positive especially when technology, in any shape or form, aims to improve our lives by offering us time to enjoy life.
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