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Overall,families’ costs changed in these years.Firstly, i want to start with food.Families spent 35 % of their income for food in 1968.But, this percentage changed in 2018,it was be average 17 %. The second one is housing.It consisted of 10 % in 1968.Howe
The bar graph provided a comparison of how one nation’s households spent their weekly earnings in different cost categories ( food, housing, fuel and power, clothing and footwear, household goods, personal goods, transport and leisure) in 1968 and 2018.
The bar chart illustrates the figure for weekly expenditure in a nation by household in 1968 and 2018. Overall, food was the biggest part of their weekly income in 1968, whereas leisure became the most significant expenditure in 2018.
The chart shows detail about how families used their weekly money in 1968 and in 2018 in a nation. Overall, the highest amount of spending is on food ,and the lowest are both fuel and power and personal goods, however, between the two years, the informati
The chart compares how family’s budget was spent per week in 1968 and in 2018. Looking into that, we can highlight some differences and underline the categories which changed their value through the years.
The chart above analyzes the changes in families' spending habits in 1968 compared to 2018, focusing on the average spending choices of families, based on their weekly income.
The chart illustrates the average weekly spending by families in two years: 1968 and 2018. It is clear from the chart that the average of food in 1989 is a higher percentage in 2018 about 17%.
The given bar graph illustrates distribution of average weekly financial outcome by households in a country between 1968 and 2018. Overall the most significant drop was seen for food expenses, on the other hand, housing and leisure spending improved over
According to the graph above that illustrates ways in average families spend money weekly, in 1968 food had the most share of spending with 35%, unlike Fuel and power which had the least share with only 6% and gets the last place in the chart in 1968. But
The chart illustrates data on family expenses from their weekly income in a nation in 1968 and in 2018. Overall, some graph details fluctuate whereas some other graphs remain the same.
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