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Copying or immitating things of one other is extremely common in humans. Not just today, we have been copying one another since ages and its quite natural as well. People are often seen copying their friends, family members, relatives and colleagues.
Imitating one another is an innate human tendency and this has played a vital role in human evolution. I strongly believe that the increasing tendency of copying other humans is beneficial since it increases the reach of the original work to hitherto unreachable places and reduces the price for those who can’t afford the original work.
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The bar graph illustrates the proportion of the UK residents who included fruits and vegetable, five portion, in a typical day from 2001 to 2008.
In this era of globalisation, lifestyle has changed a lot and people try to adjust to the varied situations. As a result, many things have changed such as rules, technologies, and crowd fashion. As we are living in a modern world humans started to copy the outfits of western culture and also this is an opportunity for the retailers to grab profits by selling products that are essential within that decade. However, from my ,perspective it is a good development considering the developing world, of course.
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