The tendency of human beings copying each other is shown in popularity of fashion clothes and consumer goods. To what extent do you agree?

Copying or immitating things of one other is extremely common in humans. Not just today, we have been copying one another since ages and its quite natural as well. People are often seen copying their friends, family members, relatives and colleagues. It is not a bad thing as it doesn't harm anyone. People buy the things which they like. Most of the customer's buying behaviour is dependent upon their closed ones. Envy or jealousy influences us for buying stuffs which we may not need and we still buy them just because one of our friend or our neighbour as the same. So basically, copying may not harm someone else but it can harm oneself as in order to satisfy our ego. Buying the same pair of shoes your friend has or the coolest guy in the school has. People are often seen immitating the fashion of people who they either see as role models or they just wanna have the same personality as theirs in the society. However, the clothes might not suit them and it may be a little difficult for a heavier girl to get into Angelina Jolie's dress, but we hardly bother. We realise it when it's either too late or people make fun of us after the experiment goes wrong. To conclude, In my opinion everyone should have their own unique personality in order to look different from the rest of the crowd. As we are different and unique. I reckon this is one way to be successful as most of the successful people are different and they have their own signature strengh and identifying ones unique signature strengh can be extremely effective for ones future.
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