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How are you ? Hope your work is going well. I have some great news , I prepare for my new clinic . Officially , the dream comes true . I make it as I always imagined it . I don't forget the fish aquarium with the small c
I am so glad to let you know that, after making so many hardships, finally I am going to start a new business of my own. I would like to request your help in building a website for my new venture.
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How are you? It has been ages since we met. I missed those days when we played video games together. Anyways, I am writing this letter to ask for help to build a website for my new company.
Good day, I hope you're fine and still have a healthy life. I'm writing to inform you that I'm planning to start a business 2 months from now. It's been my dream to have one, and finally, after so many years of saving my
An illustration of data showing the bond between different forms of English language according to various locations is depicted in the given diagram.
How have you been? I hope you're doing great. Actually, I wanted your help in building a website for my new business. And want you to set your next 2 weekends free for me.
I hope this letter finds you well. I had received your letter and it is always great to hear from you. I am writing this letter to ask for your expertise in creating a website for my new venture.
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