Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems.

Over the last century, our cities faced unprecedented growth of traffic congestion and as result of this, we encounter a litany of environmental pollutions. Some experts believe that a rising cost of petrol is the best way to tackle these problems. I firmly believe that there is a defensible basis for this argument. In this essay, some other possible solutions will be elaborated. The proponents of this view claim that recent studies have shown that due to increasing the price of petrol, the using of this energy has dramatically decreased. As result of this, the wide demand of petrol has slumped. The key point to justify this attitude could be illustrated by a tangible example. Our country “Iran” has a high reputation for having oil resources. Consequently, the price of the petrol was not justified by comparison with another country. To cut a long story short, after applying this idea in cities, the evidence has shown most of the people turn to some Alternatives instead of the use private car. For example, by the time went on, the rising price of petrol has caused majority the people use much more public transportation rather than the past. Alternatively, there are other possible solutions to address this issue. First and foremost, the governments should give special care to renewable energy such as the water, wind, solar energy and etc. Also, they should encourage people to use public transportation such as electric tram, metro, bus and etc. Last but not least, we should own up to the fact that we need cultural reconstruction about the true understanding of energy crisis on our planet. In conclusion, from what has been discussed above, increasing the price of petrol can be an effective factor to reduce consumption of this energy, at least in my country. Serious measures should be taken by government and individuals as a duty for solving these problems. Also, the government must assume responsibility, stop passing the bulk and settle down the effective laws for control this issue. Finally, it is absolutely imperative we should not try to be wise after the events.
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