Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems.

Traffic congestion and pollution have become global issues. However, it is possible to control these problems by escalating the cost of fuel. I totally agree with this because money is a factor which influence the most in many situations There are many benefits of raising rates of petrol. Due to high rates nobody will want to buy private cars. People will use local transport for long distance such as buses ,trains, ship or air planes, and short distance will be covered by bicycle. This will help a lot in declining traffic burden, daily accidents and noise pollution. Occurrence of accident will decrease ,due to high prices less automobiles will be on road and there will be easy for government to control accidents and mishaps on roads. Contamination of atmosphere with impurities will be minimized by setting up high prices of vehicle oils. Due to use of less fuel emission of carbon monoxide will be reduced. Environment defence fund estimates that on-road vehicles are the cause of one-third of the air pollution. Therefore, we have to take few steps to combat this, otherwise, we will pay huge amount.About 200 tons of impurities in just 12 square meter is noted.These gases not only effect oue achosystem but also human help forexample, patient of respiratory track has increased due to uncontrolled gases emitted from road vehicles. To conclude, it is recommended that government should rise the price of fuel to get rid of all problems caused by traffic and there must be proper rules and regulation regarding number of cars and pollution on road
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