In many countries the level of crime is increasing and crimes are becoming more violent. Why do you think this is and what can be done about it?

Nowadays undoubtedly crimes are increasing more as compared to the past in both developing and developed countries. Many of the people want to live in a secure environment and they want to spend their lives peacefully, therefore most of the population of developing countries want to migrate to developed countries for the good quality of life. I will share my views about this topic and will also give some opinions. Every country has laws and regulations, but people those who are living in a country not importantly follow all laws. Every individual is different and if they follows the laws they can live happily and peacefully. Sometime situation become worsts due to which a person become a criminal; firstly, unemployment is one of the major issue, because of frustration lots of people become thief, trying to harm other people. Due to overcrowding the job opportunities are declining remarkably. Secondly, Illiteracy; we can see that in most of the poor areas peoples are uneducated and also they didn’t get exposure with the good environment, if someone pressurize them they get involved in those kinds of activities that are really become dangerous for people. Government have to support the people and they also have to arrange some kind of seminars or provide teaching sessions in the areas where mostly people are uneducated. They have to arrange such kind of things because of which people can get encouragement. Thirdly, the major issue is inequality. People those are rich they are respectful. Poor people always get ignored in many situations. There should be the equal rights for the people so that everybody get equal chance to enjoy and live their life happily. To sum up, there are lots of reasons of the criminal activities. Nobody is born criminal but situations due to which people get forced to do crimes like financial crisis, expenses, illiteracy, inequality etc. in my opinion it is the responsibility of the government to estimate which is the most occurring reason of crime and try to reduce it for sake of peoples.
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