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Nowadays undoubtedly crimes are increasing more as compared to the past in both developing and developed countries. Many of the people want to live in a secure environment and they want to spend their lives peacefully, therefore most of the population of developing countries want to migrate to developed countries for the good quality of life. I will share my views about this topic and will also give some opinions.
The rate of crime is expanding in most of the world, and it is getting to be more harmful. There are several reasons for committing the crime, but in my opinion, two main arguments are causing to make people do illegal actions. They are unemployment and low salary.
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In numerous countries across the world, the crime is increasing and the its nature is becoming more violent. In this essay, I will try to figure out the potential reasons of these activities and also the measures that can be taken to fight or at least reduce such incidents.
It is true that the level of crime is increasing & crimes are becoming more violent. In our country there are punishment for every crime but still there is no control on crime. In daily newspapers we are encounetred with different crimes in different part of world. In comparison to previous decades, the crime has increased at a very rapid rate.
In todays' world crime rate is escalating in numerous nations. Not only the transgressions rate, but also the way of crime is getting worse. Criminals who supposed to be behind the bars are escaping and leading a mundane life in the public. According to me, government should give prominence to control this breach rate. The following paragraphs wil give a better insight into this topic.
It has been one of the most controversial topic, that the rate of crime increased drastically in many countries. it is gradually violent in nature also. In this essay, I will illustrate the possible reasons behind it and how it can be eradicated.
Crime has been ubiquitous, throughout the past centuries, but of late, the main area concern is the level of brutality which is adopted while committing a crime is increasing in several countries. This essay will highlight, why people are so drawn towards committing crimes in a violent manner? And also provide some solutions to tackle this problem.
Nowadays there seems to be an increase in the crime rate and particularly most crimes are becoming more violent than before. There are several factors linked to this and quite a number of solutions will be put forward.
It is irrefutable that the rate of crime is increasing and crimes are becoming very violent, in many nations. However, this essay will discuss about the reasons of this problem in the first paragraph and then it will concentrate on its solutions in the subsequent paragraph.
In recent times, crime has become the global issue and is increasing at an alarming rate. In this essay, I will examine some factors contributing to this problem and will also suggest some solutions for the same.
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One of the most important aspect which the world needs to focus on today is dramatically advancing violent crime rate. There are innumerable reasons for this, among which the major cause is forever increasing unemployment and human greed. There are many steps which are needed to be taken both by the government as well as by individuals of the society.
It has been observed that the crime rate is increasing rapidly in many countries and criminals are adapting more violent actions to commit the crime. Governments are trying their hard to control the crime rate and bring it to the sustainable limit, but it seems that are unable to achieve this target as we are coming across more and more criminal activities on a daily basis.
Criminals are a menace to our society and it is a matter of concern that the crime rate has increased dramatically in many countries. In this essay, I will discuss the main reasons of crimes and propose some solutions to combat the problem.
It is widely accepted that reducing crime has a crucial role in increasing public well-being. Over the past few years, crime is becoming more frequent and violent in numerous nations. In this essay, I will demonstrate how the poverty is the main driving factor behind this phenomenon, and some viable measures to mitigate this trend are also outlined below.
In the past decades, both western and eastern societies have been witnessing that an increasing rate of criminal conducts accompanying with upgraded violent level. This essay will identify several root reasons for this phenomenon and then put forward some plausible solutions.
It is a fact that The Crime rate is burgeoning and becoming more riotous in most countries of the world, Nowadays. Many governments have taken extensive steps to the problem by implementing new legislation, however it has proved unsuccessful and the situation is getting bigger and tougher each year. Perhaps we need to Scrutinize the causes again and find out the solutions.
In many countries across the globe, the crime rate has been skyrocketing.Consequently, crimes are becoming more fatal for people. In the following paragraphs, I intend to outline the causes of increasing the crimes and suggest a few ways to mitigate this issue.
In many Countries, the amount of crime is increasing. What do you think are the main causes of Crime? How can we deal with those causes?
In many parts of our planet, crime is increasing day by day and they are becoming more vicious. In this essay I would like to express my point of view on what is the cause and what can be done to overcome it with relevant examples.
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It is true that the rate of criminals is increasing and new violent methods of doing crimes are taking birth. This essay will illustrate the two reasons and solutions for this issue.
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