Some people think that the teenager’s years are the happiest times of most people’s lives. Others think that adult life brings more happiness, in spite of greater responsibilities. Discuss both views and give your own opinion

There are different stages of life. Most people enjoyed as a teenager and many of the people likes their adult life. Teenager life is totally different from adult life, both have different taste. Many people have assumption that teenager lives bring more happiness, on another hand the concept is totally different some of people consider adult life happier. I will discuss both point of views and give my opinion. Those who believe teenage years are happiest for people because parents are always there for support, dependency make them strong enough to deal with the difficulties example, if a teenager get ill then a mother or father will support to get off from school or college. At the time of teenage the main focus is on studies and whenever possible they can spend time with friends and relatives. Socialization is more at the time of teenage years. However, when teenager become an adolescent then they have zeal to achieve goal. Confidence make them independent and they start hunting part time job to become responsible. They mostly involved in studies, social gathering as well as finding job to get experience which will be beneficial for them in future. On another hand, people who believe adult life bring most of the happiness, firstly responsibility is a major factor. At the adult stage self-confidence and self-satisfaction are two important factors that bring happiness to a person. Person is able to support his family and parents and always well focused on his goal. When an adult person become capable of fulfilling all needs of their families then he considered himself the happiest person. In my opinion, both stages are different. It always depend how person tackle different situation and feel happy. A teenager life is not as complicated as compare to the adult person. When an adult person become older at that time life show different situations. So it always depend on priorities by which a person feel happy.
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