While recruiting a new employee, the employer should pay more attention to their personal qualities, rather than qualifications and experience. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion and include relevant example.

Recently, the process of recruiting is followed to select the best candidate to work in an organization. It depends on employer which important characteristics they required in an employee. No doubt, nature of person should also be focused, but educational background and expertise is also necessary to work efficiently in a particular industry. In my opinion, both components have equal importance. Every enterprise have different priorities. If a company is very famous due to his good quality of work, then they will prefer active employee to join their company. Those who have a potential to show outstanding performance, they will get the chance to be a part of that company. A well-known enterprise have proper system to select best employees for them. For example, KM trading has HR department, they receives resumes of the candidates through email, website or LinkedIn and then they process full information. CV of a person give the idea about his profession, certifications and skills. The methodology to select perfect employee who is free from any harmful act, well-mannered and hardworking get the opportunity to work. Furthermore, if employers only select peoples those who do not have enough knowledge of professional work, they cannot be able to perform any task due to lack of information and expertise. For instance, if there is lack of experience is seen in a candidate, but all other requirements are fulfilled, then a company arrange training facilities for the employees. To sum up, it is mandatory for organizations to hire those, who a eligible to work in a professional environment. An enterprise should concern both areas to get the higher achievement and to run their business smoothly.
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