Many people expect that the proportion of old people will be more than the young people in future. Do you think it is positive or negative?

There are more young people than elderly people in our society at present. However, many people expect the proportion of old people to be more than young people in the future. This essay will discuss why having more elderly people than young ones in the future is a disadvantage. The world’s current census says that 40 percent of the worlds population are over 60 years old. People in this age bracket are termed old. There are benefits to having this set of people in our society. The most important benefit they bring is their experience in various facets of life. Having more old people in society will bring about a more informed and knowledgeable society. This will impact positively on societal activities such as elections and in educational institutions. For example in the last elections held, the proportion of youths who had voters cards were less than older people. However, the disadvantages of having more old people than young ones outweigh the advantages. Firstly, the society will become a dependent society. This will put a lot of stress in the economy. Since more jobs are tailored for younger people, there will be less indivisuals to fill such roles. At the same time the government will have to pay more pensions. For example, the total budget for pensions in the year 2019 was more than half the total salaries paid to government workers in that same year. In conclusion, having an experienced and knowledgeable society in form of old people is a good thing. However, the disadvantage of having a dependent society outweighs such benefits.
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