Animals are becoming exist due to human activities on land and in sea. Why has this happen? What’s the solution?

It is true that the rapid development of different industries has destroyed wildlife habitat and a variety of animal species are on the verge of extinction. This is deeply negetaive consequences due to human activities which has been placing profound impacts on animal life. There are several causes which lead to the extinction of species on land and in the sea. Firstly, what has been doing on land is the area of forest was narrowed by the development of construction. This means that the natural habitat was damaged, no space for animal’s living, leading to the decrease of a numerous of species. It has also degraded ecosystems and threaten some species with extinction. Secondly, the industrialization have serious impacts, causing water pollution and extinction of species . heavy industries such as steel factories, discharged and dumped tons of waste into the sea without a discharge permit, polluted the ocean and posed threat to the balance of marine ecosystem . For instances, tons of marine animals was killed and died by untreated sewage from Fomosa steel factory in Quang Tri province in Viet Nam. To prevent the extinction of animal, there are several measures which can be taken to solve these issues. One of this could be that protecting and restoring the natural environment on which many endangered species depend for their survival. In particular, experts on construction field should develop their projects vertically instead of horizontally and do not encroach on forest land. Furthermore, national and local authorities must introduce more campaigns to raise public awareness about the role of wildlife in human life. Besides, national governments must enact strict law to punish and prevent illegal activities which destroy and threaten natural environment, for example animal traffickers. In conclusion, the extinction of species result in many issues which can call for possible solutions to be adopted.
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