A letter to your friend travelling overseas. You are staying at their apartment and there was a storm. Tell your friend about the storm. Tell them what got damaged Details what repairs to be done.

Dear Smith, I hope that you are keeping well. I’m sorry that I couldn’t write back to your letter before as you might be knowing that a wind storm has hit a few days back and it was a far too dangerous than it was thought of. I’ve been staying at your place for more than a week now and before the storm it was all going pretty awesome. However, this storm has made most of the travelers journey miserable. The storm stroke us at a speed of 100km/hr. It is said to be the deadliest storm in the last 10 years. Because we’d been told in advance about the storm by local authorities, we had prepared ourselves to counter it. Even though we managed to save many of our goods, unfortunately, the furniture that had been placed outside got damaged. Additionally, some of the windows also have been broken. I’ve tried to contact the local service providers to fix the windows and one of them has agreed upon fixing the windows next week. But, the broken furniture needs to be repaired by an expert to whom I couldn’t reach. So, once you get back, see to it what can be done. Don’t you worry about anything else. We’re safe here. I’ll update you further in the coming days. Regards, Vishal
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