Some people say that parent should encourage their children to take part in organized group activities in their free time. others say that it is important for children to learn how to occupy themselves on their own discuss both opinions and give your opinion ?

It is widely believed that children should be supported to participate in group activities in their leisure .However, others advocate that children should depend on themselves to take advantages of their free time .In my opinion, if children are engaged in group activities, they will obtain more benefits. The exploitation of free time is crucial for children. However we should not leave children to occupy themselves on their own for many reasons. Firstly, some children will not be able to spend their time in a proper way because they do not possess the imagination and creation. Secondly, this approach may launch a child on a path of antisocial behavior because he will adapt to do activities by himself. Finally most of children will choose to spend their free time using the contemporary technology which in turn will not bring experience or knowledge to their life. In my prospective, involving children in group activities is fundamental and useful because this will integrate children with society. Consequently, children will gain tremendous experiences For example, if children do a team sport, they will learn the value of cooperation. In addition being with group drives children to depend on themselves which in turn learn them autonomy. In conclusion, when children get involved in group activities, their character will be developed. Hence, we should give children an opportunity to interact with society because this will produce a great influence on them and on their future.
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