Smoking not only harms the smoker, but also those who are nearby. Therefore, smoking should be banned in public places. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The habit of smoking presents a lot of questions regarding how healthy is for the people that are near somkers in a public place. As a result, many insist that smoking in public areas should be prohibited. It is agreed that smoking can cause a lot of health problems, but a total ban would not work as efficient as it is thought. Firstly, this essay will explain why smoking is impossible to avoid for many people in public places, and secondly, it will state the consequeces of a total perscription of this activity in public places. Even though smoking might seem like a habit for recreation purposes only, that can be regulated, it is the opposite most of the times. In other words, as any other substance that people can be addicted to, tobacco influences the person on having another cigarrete, and it is almost impossible to know at what moment the body feels that need. For instance, the majority of smokers try to avoid smooking at work, university or school, and wait until they get to public areas, so there is no real argument for them to only smoke in their homes. Furthermore, a total prohibition of this habits at public places like train or bus stations could be managed by placing smokers-only places, a bit apart of the most trasited places in the area. This is because people who have smoking problems also have the necesity to use public spaces as any other citizen. For instance, a survey made by the University of Heilbronn in 2017 revealed that 75% of smokers asked were less stressed when the train stations of daily use presents a "smokers-only" area. In conclusion, not letting people who smoke do this activity on public only reaches the people that do not do this habit to protect them, instead of also looking at the way it affects inhabitats with this sort of addiction.
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