Nowadays more people would rather purchase food than cook at home. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this trend.

In the modern world, people are busy with many assignments and responsibilities. During the busy life, people tend to eat fast food rather than cooking at home. Eating from eateries have many pros and cons. Recent survey in Indian cities reveal that majority of youngsters prefer fast food. First of all, choosing restorants for food, help to save a great deal of time. Food preparation consume a large portion of time, which a person could use for his personal or professional activities. For instance, fast food chains like McDonalds provide drive way facilities where a person can order and collect snacks by sitting in his car itself. Secondly, if a person decide to eat from outside home, it give an immense options for him. He gets a chance to try different recipes. Lastly, opting to take food from restorants allow a person to control his spendings on food. There are many negative effects for eating food from outside home. Fast food are rich in trans fat and preservatives. These food additives can lead to a number of diseases. Many required minerals and vitamins are lacking in pre-prepared diet. This put a person at pron for developing various diseases. For example, majority of the hotels and restorants in cities, fail to maintain quality standards. Recently a case reported in China that the food from a famous snack shop added a preservative to food which can cause stomach cancer. To conclude, home made food are healthy, and provide all necessary nutrients for the growth and development of a person. It’s is always good to try outside at times, but eating from eateries regularly is not promising for health. It is wiseful to prepare food at home for the well-being of a person.
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