Children engaged in sport are often overloaded with physical activity or get serious traumas. What are the main reasons of this? What solutions can you suggest?

There is an increasing numbers of young people that get serious physical or psycological injuries due to sports. It is therefore agreed that high-intensity training for sports at such a young age can presents the children a lot of disadvantages, especially for their future carrer or physical development. Firstly, this essay will look at what causes kids to suffer this injuries at a high rate, and secondly, what can be made to solve this issue. Nowadays, there are a lot of young athletes than dream to become future starts in the sports they practice. Due to this, they tend to over-intesify their training sessions with their coaches or clubs, leading to early injuries or mental problems regarding stress. Furthermore, children are asked to do well at school at the same time, and are often not able to handle so much work. For instance, in a poll made by the government of the city of Hamburg, in Germany, primary and secondary school students that train 15 or more hours per week tend to have problems to pass school exams and are not motivated with most of the subjects. The solutions to this problematic cannot be done entirely be the person itself, as most of the times he or she is not aware of the situation that they are involved. Moreover, a closer look needs to be done by the coaches or clubs, which should considerate the efectiveness of the training as a more important factor for the child´s development than the ammount of time spent on it. For example, many soccer academies in Germany developed a system, in which the kids who train to become professioonal players have a limited hours in the week to train, and are expected to be educated by the clubs theirselves. In conclusion, some changes need to be done in the training sessions for young athletes to prevent bad situation, which could eventually lead to a failure in the kid´s career. A good way to start doing it is by informing about the consequences of these bad habits and promoting solutions needed to the formative clubs.
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