Individuals can do nothing to improve the environment; only governments and large companies can make a difference To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Global warming is being warned now. Climate change is due to many reasons, such as air pollution, deforestation or it can be called as environmental problems. All of the issues are caused by humans. In my opinion, taking care of the environment is not only the responsibility of a company or an organization, but also everyone’s responsibility. In my view, I disagree with the statement. There are many reasons for climate change. People around the world admit that the Earth is getting hotter and hotter. However, environmental is the main problem. Humans are discharging more CO2 into the air than before. We also cut down too many trees, which cause deforestation. Humans are destroying the environment. Nature does not hurt themselves but humans do. We are damaging our nature day by day by doing small things such as littering or wasting electricity. Sadly, most people keep doing it even though they aware of the reason and its drawbacks. Humans should be responsible for the Earth. Yes, maybe we live in different countries, but we are breathing in the same atmosphere. So taking care of nature goes for our human beings. There are plenty of things can be done by individuals to protect the Earth, such as growing more trees, do not litter, use public transport instead of privates’, education or warning people about global warming. A big company like factory should control the amount of CO2 is being discharged into the environment, think about handling or filter dirty air. No one but humans damages nature, so only humans can solve this problem. You should treat the environment like your family member. We cannot stay or live without fresh air. Honestly, I expect more and more people will co-operate to conserve and protect the environment. I believe that if each individual considers changing their bad behavior to help nature, together we can build a better planet. Make a change now or we will regret in the future!
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