In some countries today, there is an attitude that ‘’anyone can do it’’ in the arts – music, literature, acting, art, etc. As a result, people with no talent become rich and famous and genuine talent is not valued or appreciated. Do you agree or disagree?

Modern life has been changing a lot and so are humans! Today, more and more talents are recognized due to an attitude ‘’anyone can do’’ in arts. However, not all of them are really genuine yet still become rich and famous. I disagree that people stop appreciating geniuses as well as their works. First of all is about an attitude of ‘’anyone can do’’, which particularly happens in the musical industry. Nowadays, it is easy for people to record and upload their music to the social media. Now, they just need to make sure that the songs are following the trend, and they can easily become famous even if they are not talented at all. In addition, recording by themselves without any help from other musicians or pay for the studio also is one of the things that could not have been done in the past. Secondly, becoming famous from the social media is one of the shortest ways to become rich and famous. There are a plenty of websites or apps that allow people to post without charge such as YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. Those programs also allow people to earn money back. Some of my friends, they can earn quite a lot of money from YouTube at the end of the day base on the views. Sharing is not a problem nowadays. It is very easy to spread one or two videos from people to people and country to country. Enhance, people have more chances to become famous not only in their country but also another country. Thirdly, how about the truly gifted people? In fact, the number of famous gifted people is decline nowadays. In my view, I think they are losing the trend in art. For example, in the music industry, especially young people, they can easily love, like and share one music video if it is an EDM or ballad. Why? It is because EDM and ballad is now trending all over the world. Instead of producing the music which follows the trend, gifted people produce opera, which attracts a small group of people. So there is less chance for them to become famous. Yes, modern life gives us more opportunities to become famous. In fact, there are many television stars who cannot act or singer whose voice sounds bad, but they still can become famous and some are celebrities. The key to become popular is that they dare to do and dare to change. Long time ago, art was defined as a magical thing, because people doing art were really creative and they could do something special which the others could not. So it is true to say ‘’anyone can do’’ attitude is common in art. However, in my opinion, it is not matter which period are we staying, geniuses are always appreciated and having value. In my view, the value of a person is defined by their morals and attitudes instead of how famous they are.
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