Most people are spending their free time watching a movie. Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

We spend most of our leisure time watching TV. It might be because we are bored and have nothing to do during that period. In my opinion, watching TV for leisure is a bad habit. First of all, people usually feel tired and do not want to do anything in their free time. Modern life makes people busy all the time doing things in the office. After a long day, they feel lazy and prefer to lay on the sofa and turn on the TV. Usually, as adults, they are not really watching TV, they just want to hear the news while they are doing laundry, cooking, cleaning and so on. Sometimes, TV sounds help to break down the silent environment too. It happens not only to adult but also to children, whose parents always head off for work. Watching a movie during free time has impacts. There is many different kinds of TV programs, such as romance, horror, comedy, and sometimes violence too. Watching violence movies is really harmful to children’s development. In addition, watching TV also leads to less communication which can cause lack of social skills. It also can cause many health problems due to lack of exercises. In contrast, we are able to learn a lot of things from TV programs such as cooking, English, and so on. In conclusion, I think there is nothing wrong if we spend our free time to watch TV. However, we should concern more about the contains. In my opinion, I still encourage people to do more exercises instead of sitting and watching a movie in their free time. Watching TV and doing exercises need to have a balance between.
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