A huge number of students choose to study English independently on a self-study basis rather than attend a formal course. However, without the assistance of a teacher, students often find it difficult to manage their studies. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

As we all know a student without teachers and assistance they will have diffcult of understanding how it work . To be able manage their studies in their own time of self-study.I totally agree in my own view not all student can manage to study always in their own time indepenence. Some students have a learning difficulties or have a dslysica or not good at English in whether grammar or extend their vocabulary this need a extra support whether one to one support. For example a student need additional learning support for their exams for a reader or for someone to check their work. However ,students need to study independent as well as having lessons, some student need a assistance because checking their works for to see their mistakes to improve what they have done wrong. To make improvement you would need to know what is your weaknesses and your strenghts.I know not all student good at every subject so they need to attend courses to improve the method of learning.
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