Animals are in danger of extinction. Some people say that we should protect only those animals, which are useful to humans. Do you agree or disagree?

It is irrefutable that animals have a crucial role in maintaining the ecological balance on earth. It is argued that only those animals are to be protected those are imperative for the human being. Although, I am at completely discord with this statement as the animals play an indispensable part in human's life. This essay intends to elucidate the argument against the favour of my stance in the upcoming paragraph. To embark upon, the first and foremost compelling factor associated with this is that numerous unique species in the current epoch is declining in an exponential rate due to environmental factors such as global warming, deforestation and draught which are the critical aspects that are diminishing the endangered species from the biosphere. Poaching, for citation, is the major part play disappearing the endangered species from the earth, there is no denying the fact that the manner in which human beings are deliberately utilizing the animals for their profits sans looking the negative aspects of it as they assist us in balancing the ecological system. Ergo, it is our onus to save the endangered species with the corrective measure and suitable steps. On the flip sides, there are plenty of arguments in favour of my stance. The most significant one is that all living being are given utmost priority whether it is a human being, flora or fauna. All living entity is the part of mother nature and everyone has the responsibility to protect each other so that an ecosystem must be maintained. Apart from that, Each and every element on the earth is bestowed the equal priority, ergo, it is the responsibility of everyone on the planet to protect the life of each other as they are interlinked. To exemplify, when the food chain is maintained, our ecological system clocks properly, if this is not maintained, it would impact the nature and hence it is a probability that one day every species can come under the scanner of non-existence. Thus, it is required to protect the creature in all the possible manners for their existence. To recapitulate, creatures are the precious element of our planet. This essay discussed how myriad of attributes such as environmental factors and human selfishness are the example contributing to extinct the fauna from the Earth for many reasons. However, it cannot be neglected that by suitable actions and measure, in addition, by rendering the priority to the animals, the extinction can be achieved. In my notion, I am entirely agreed that it is our responsibility to protect entire lives rather than specific species.
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