Parents are busy nowadays and they are not able to give time to their children. So they are becoming indisciplined and careless. What do you think are the main factors behind this? What remedial actions can be taken by the parents?

It is often believed that parents remain busy and do not have sufficient time to spend with their children, which affects adversely on the overall development of their offsprings. I agree with this statement and think monotonous life to be a prime cause behind the situation. I also believe that progenitors can improve this condition by sparing some time for their young ones. To begin with, the most compelling reason for a child's improper behavior and carelessness is due to parents’ monotonous lifestyle. In most of the families, both the parents are working and they do not get any time for their kids. Since the kids are raised in daycare facilities, they hardly learn about morals and ethics. As a consequence, the child is not molded properly by learning manners and discipline, which is an indispensable aspect of life. For instance, my friend's son shows less emotional bonding with the family because he was kept in boarding school since his early childhood. Thus, the main reason for the child's improper behavior and mannerism is due to parents over involvement in the business or office work and leaving the child away in daycare or boarding schools. Another reason that keeps parents away from taking care of kids is their involvement in social circles. Many parents are seen busy on social media sites and enjoying parties, leaving their youngones in their condition. The young children feel deprive of love and see their parents busy in their parties and celebrations. Consequently, it sets a negative picture in the mind of a child and affects his behavior. However, just like every problem, this can also be resolved. The working parents should daily spare time for their kids and must ask them about their daily tasks such as homework. In addition, at least one meal of the day should be taken with the whole family so that the child feels the warmth of the family along with the learning of crucial elements such as sharing and caring for others. Moreover, it is observed that many parents remain busy on watsap and facebook instead of caring for their offsprings, which is definitely not a good way of parenting. In all the cases, whether parents are working or not, the ultimate solution is to give a child ample of love and care by sparing quality time with him. In this way, the child would grow perfectly and would show no disciplinary problems. In conclusion, I pen down saying that every child is an important and he should be loved and cared for by the parents. As a result, every parent should spare enough time with the child to see him molded in the desired way.
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