IT is believed that young people are more interested in international pop singers and movie stars than in history ,historical events or historical people..why is it? Give examples for the same from your own experience?

Modern era youngsters are passionate about singers and actors renowned worldwide rather than historical events or people. This essay will discuss why the influence of modern artists is more on new generation than our history. The overwhelming lifestyle and fame earned by the celebrities over the short span of time has pulled the young audience towards them. Back in history even though people had done something great for their nation despite of this they may not have earned great success, money and high standards of living which every youngster today dreams of. For example, there had been many events and people in our history, those were recnogised and known worldwide. These events did not upgraded the level of living and not build an aura for these people almost entire life. This very desire of living has led youth being motivated by artists. In addition to this, people think that it is more easy to adopt celebrities lifestyle and get noticed by everyone. Many musicians and movie stars are recognised only after their first performance and have got national awards for the same. The opposite was true in old era where many scientists did great inventions and many patriots passionately served the nation but rarely supported by goverment and mass audience. By the time their work was recognised and appreciated by the people and own country's government they were very old or were dead. Thus not being able to enjoy and live the dream success had let today's youth to follow the same footsteps to glory as the international actors do. At last, i would like to conclude that high standards of living and a strong zeal to be famous instantly has led young people to get influenced by the pop singers and movie stars.
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