Now a days food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live? Give reasons for your answers using your own ideas and experience?

The advancement in food technology has developed various methods which made cooking easy and convenient. This essay will enlighten the benefits of how modern approach to cooking has added value to our lifestyle. The simplified methods of cooking has helped all those who stay alone or live far away from their family. Many youngsters, especially males who work and live in other city or town where they are self-dependent, the availability of canned food stuff, precooked frozen meal items and bakery items make a lot of sense to satisfy their hunger. The two minutes cooking noodles and chicken nuggets are the best examples of easy cooking. Thus it can be said that simplified cuisine has definitely helped self-dependant people. In addition to this, convenient cookery methods has given us ample time to get involved in other activities like family gatherings, fitness programs or focusing of career advancement. As in early days, the traditional cuisine methods required a great deal of time and even required to focus on same to prevent overcooking or undercooking. The mordern cooking approach has eliminated this additional time loss to great extent. For example, preparing meals in microwave oven just requires to set the timer without being worried for how well food will cook and it will automatically indicate once the food is ready to eat and heated as desired. This has saved ample time which we can spend with family or friends at home or prepare for some activity important for career growth. Concluding my overall point of view i feel that revolution of modernization in food industry and the way we cook has definitely helped and improved our lifestyle in a positive way.
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