Some people think it w more effective for students to study in grou while others believe that it is better for them to study alone.Discuss both views and give your opinion

People have different views about the effectiveness of group work as opposed to working alone. While there are some benefits to study independently,I believe that group study is more productive Working alone brings us several advantages.When we study alone ,there will not have any noise which interrupt us with working and thus we will fell comfortable.In addition to, studying independently helps us concentrate on our studies .If we study alone we will plough a lonely furrows when we have troubles . We have to research information or measures to take by ourselves.This makes us understand in depth and be retentive I believe that students study in groupsis more productive.Firstly group work helps us develop our soft skills such as teamwork skill,communication skill,leadership skill,etc... On the top of that , in terms of knowledge when we study in group we can acquire many ideas or information from other people in group,we also can address problems faster.Finally group work will help us check answers for each other; simultaneously studying in group also enhances academiac competitiveness In conclusion,studying in group or studying alone both has a two-pronged effect but I believe that group work is more beneficial than studying alone
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