Facebook is good app for business, are you agree with this opinion? if not, explain why?

in our life, what also has two sides of it is: the good and the bad. Facebook app is not except as well. For me i agree with above opinion. Making business on facebook is good choice for those who both using app and learning the way to earn money. It is undoubtedly the case that Facebook has became popular app in the world, Statistic shows that the number of people are using Facebook up to 1.9 billion uses. it is really a desire number that any application is dreaming as well, so that is the reason why there have many people doing business on Facebook. First at all, you do not need to spend much money for maketing because it is easy for you to bring your product that you want to sell to the customers. For example, Now you selling clothes and then what must you need do is send your product pictures in some groups on facebook, and the users will see your product when they online. if they mind it they will contact you to buy it. In addition, the costs for doing business on Facebook is not much as you are not absolutely spend money renting the shop.
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