Many people now live in societies where consumer goods have become cheap. Do advantages outweigh disadvanatges?

It is true that many people now live in societies where consumer commodities have become reasonably priced while this may have several drawbacks, I believe that overall the benefits are more significant. There are several disadvantages of affordably priced goods. Firstly, cheap commodities are usually shoddy products. Manufactures may cut corners and resort to cheap materials in order to improve their profits. This can make products fall apart after a short period of time. Hence, a myriad of products can be an utter waste of money of people. Secondly, the rise of the purchaser society is a major cause of exacerbating environmental problems. Systems of factories have to operate full capacity in these products and packaging. This can increase exhaust emissions as well as to contribute dramatically to environmental problems such as global warming and greenhouse effects. Despite the negative effects mentioned above, I contend that the positive consequences of reasonably priced commodities are greater. Primarily, purchasers can buy many more goods than before. This can create jobs for the public and alleviate the rate of unemployment as manufactures produce many distinct goods. when employers are a lucrative income, they can easily cover their bills such as electricity and accommodation. Therefore, they can improve standards of living. In addition, the government can collect enormous taxes. When firms obtain massive profits, they have to pay taxes for the government and the government budget can drastically augment. In conclusion, although cheap goods have several drawbacks, I believe that reasonable commodities are more likely to have harm impacts on life of many people in societies.
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