Environmental protection is the responsibility of politicians, not individuals as individuals can do too little. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, environmental conservation has been aroused as an urgent issue requiring the appropriate solutions. Some people are of the opinion that this duty should belong to the government. As far as I am concerned, only when there are the perfect combination of the authority and citizens are environment problems completely tackled. Politicians make a significant contribution to imposing living conditions’ policies, especially regulations related to people’s natural world. A set of pollution standards urgently built and gradually updated is the foundation of raising people’s heightened awareness of the importance of environment. Besides, they observe how people obey the laws to ensure enviromental rules which are comprehensively complemented. Simultaneously, the authority should take strict punishments into account and apply them to the particular circumstances. Singapore provides a good illustration of protecting their habitat. This country is famous for its purity due to government’s intense control over the lawbreakers related to the ecosystem. The next question is how inhabitants play an important role in preserving their living atmosphere. First of all, they should be highly self-concious about keeping their surrounding places clean and tidy as well as carefully considering old household appliance before throwing them away. Consequently, not only do their actions alleviate the overload of the mother earth but also they assist the public budget to save a great deal of expense. Besides, residents themselves are the gold mirrors for next generations on account of benefits children receive from their parents. The more good seeds they grow, the more delicious fruits they get in the future. In conclusion, the long-term effective preservation of environment requires the participation of not only individuals but also the politicians.
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