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Nowadays, there are a lot of arguments about surrounding defence and who is actually responsible for the consequences of this situation. I partly agree that officials are the ones who should take the dependability into t
Environmental issues have gained significant attention due to the global impact of adverse climate conditions on nations worldwide. The issue at hand has emerged as a prominent topic of discussion, centering on the quest
Some think that the onus of protecting the environment lies with the politicians and not on citizens since citizens can do too little. I totally agree with this statement because politicians can spread awareness among pe
These days, the rise in the environmental pollution is increasing drastically. In order to protect nature one should take few steps to conserve environment as this is not the duty of politicians alone. I totally disagree
It is believed that politicians should assume the most of responsibilities in order to protect environment. Individuals can contribute these acts as few portions. I mostly agree with this suggestion because politicians h
Domain safety is in the control of politicians, not a single person as one person can do very less. My opinion, I disagree that only politicians can work for keeping habitat safe because every individual living on the ea
A glance at the two line graphs provided reveals a change of the number of runners between 2000 and 2009 and a difference of proportion of people who run on time and run for standard line or target in the given period. G
Protection of the environment has been highlighted as a matter of urgent public concern. While people maintain that protecting the environment is responsible for the government not for citizens. As far as I am concerned,
Many people opine that the protection of the environment is the job of governments and not the individuals.This is because of increased resources at disposal of leaders than individuals.I strongly agree with this stateme
Nowadays, pollution is severe no matter in where. It is because human are over-using the resources in earth and ignoring the importance in protecting the environment. Despite the fact that the earth shows the alarm, some
Some people believe that only government is accountable for conserving the ecosystem as there is nothing much that individuals can help to solve the problem.While this may work to a certain extent, I would argue that env
Normally, the responsibility for mitigating environmental damage is placed on authority figures. Nevertheless, it is my conviction that citizens in each country also have an indispensable role to play.
The environment is important for every creature in the world. Because everyone has to depend on nature. Environmental protection is not only the responsibility of a specific group and in my opinion, this duty is also f
There are controversial perspectives heating a debate over environmental protection. While some hold a strong view that politicians should liable for environment pollution, the opposite makes a statement that citizens c
Due to the detrimental impacts on our planet, environmental preservation has become one of the most concerning problems. Many assume that politicians are responsible for such an important task, as citizens can do too lit
Due to the detrimental impacts on the Earth, environmental preservation has become one of the most concerning problems. Many assume that politicians are responsible for such an important task, as citizens can do too litt
As the 21st century continues to unfold, ecological conservation is a prominent issue. As a result, whether politicians or citizens should assume the responsibility for it is open to debate. From my viewpoint, both views
Many solutions to the problem of traffic congestion are suggested. From my point of view, zero-fare public transport system is the best one. However, it is not necessary for governments to supply it free all the time.
Now a days environmental issues are the one of main problem facing by whole world.I believe that it is responsibility of human being.There is no separation in gender, political,nation wise . May be people think it's onl
The given statement conveys that the duty of safeguarding the Earth's climate is to be performed only by the political leaders and is common man has no part in this as contributions by individuals are not that countable.
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