It is expected that there will be a higher proportion of older people than that of young people in many countries in the future. Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

Economic scientist expected some countries are witnessing the increase of the older people in their inhabitants. I believe, this growth would negatively affect to the economics and other aspects of a country. On the one hand, despite the dedication of the older generation to the social development and our peace generally, it also leads to a higher burden to the government because of the rising number of the elders. Firstly, the rapid aging speed of a country would seriously influence to the labor age of a community. Consequently, there is a lack of skilled employees under working condition, leading to the stagnant integration to globalization as well as decreasing GDP growth widely. Secondly, the various subsidiaries older people consist of welfare, insurance and medical fee would cause some certain deficit to the government fund. For instance, Korea is facing with the negative shortage of label forces working in factories, manufactures and offices because of the dramatical increase of the elders in remote areas while the birth rate is extremely low. On the other hand, it is obviously beneficial to the country if the younger rate is standing as the highest in age chart. Rather than that, these youngsters are not only contributing to the enrich and diversified skilled workers over the field but also boosting the growth of economics and educations. Moreover, a huge number of workforces are dedicating to such helpfully communitive campaigns, aiming to raise awareness among the public. Such activities as cleaning the beaches, rivers and canals or educating for poor children in mountainside which the older persons find them difficult to contribute because of health condition. In conclusion, it is true to respect our grandparent’s generation thank to their attempts over the years, however, the youngers would be the future generation and inherit to continue their missions in promoting their own country.
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