Currenly, many people fail to balance the work with the other parts of lives.What are the problems and solutions ?

It is common that many people have difficulties keeping balance between work and other part of lives. Although there are undoubtedly negative effect of this issues, measure can be taken to alleviate these potential problems. The most noteworthy reason for this matter is highly competitive business environment. Many workers are trying to do additional work to attract more attention from and prove their competence. Therefore, they spend more than eight hours per day at work or even at home. Secondly, due to the fact that they allocate most of their time accomplishing the tasks and lack of emotional conversation, they create the potential gap between themselves and family members. Furthermore, the sedentary lifestyle like sitting in front of desk too long poses a threat to personal health and reduce the life expectancy. Lastly, a vast number of people do not set the appropriate time management so they devote most of time working and lack of relaxation time. Moreover, people often put under too much peer and social pressure so they want to be superior to others with the excessive amount of work and left little free time There are many action that could be taken to alleviate this negative impact of this problem. Firstly, there is no way but finding ways to learn how to adapt and be flexible in everchanging world to overcome the imbalanced life. Furthermore, if they want to maintain balanced life, they should limit time on technology and social media .Secondly, due to the constant working schedule, people should set up their own effective time management with the commitment of self-discipline and self- accomplishment to form habit and establish healthier life in the long term. Lastly, pressure is the prevalent problem in workplace so people should consider stress-reducing activities such as exercising, sharing with families or friends ,etc. In conclusion, having a proper balance in jobs and personal lives play an integral role in worker’s life. Therefore, people should not let desperately negative effect of this issues damage career and other parts of lives
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