Some people do not go directly to college but travel or work for a short time. Do you think this has more advantages or disadvantages for their studies

It is true that some students who finish high-school opt to work or travel for a period before they start university. While I accept that there are benefits and drawbacks of this decision in terms of their studies, I would argue that it is better to take a year out to work or travel. On the one hand, the option to get a job or travel straight after school is disadvantageous to some extent. Considered only from the perspective of study, taking a break may result in some school leavers dropping out of academic life before they have even started, having no study or career ambitions. Even those students who do return after a period to take up a university place may face problems. The discipline of regular study habits is very different from the routine of a temporary job or carefree backpacking, and it could prove difficult to recover those habits and avoid falling behind with their university studies. On the other hand, students who choose to work or travel for a year after high-school usually find this an excellent preparation for the study demands of a university course. Firstly, sitting exams at school for university entrance is exhausing and stressful. A complete break for a short period is invaluable to return refreshed and ready for the challenges of a university course. Secondly, by spending a year or so working or travelling, high-school students learn to become more independent, they widen their horizons and subsequently adapt to their university courses as more autonomous learners. No longer studying under constant supervision, they are better prepared to rely on their own, more mature judgment and self-discipline. In conclusion, I believe that the advantages of enjoying a short break to work or travel before entering university outweigh the disadvantages.
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