Nowadays, some employers think that formal academic qualifications are more important than life experience or personal qualities when they look for new employees. Why is it the case? Is it a positive or negative development?

These days, some recruiters highly appreciate formal academic degrees rather than hands-on experience or personal qualities. There is a variety of reasons for this situation and from my perspective, this trend is positive for both individuals and the society. On the one hand, there is little doubt that academic qualifications are considered a tool to measure the level of knowledge. This is because in order to achieve a degree, undergraduates have to not only pass various examinations which focus on testing their knowledge but also take part in numerous training courses. As a result, this ensures students would have gained sufficient in-depth knowledge related to their fields they have chosen. Besides, in terms of those having life experience and good personal qualities, it is likely that they are lack of suitable amount of academic knowledge that employers are seeking for. This, consequently, might waste a lot of time and money for recruiters to train them. On the other hand, I suppose that this situation has two obvious benefits. Firstly, this trend would definitely motivate and encourage more students to pursue higher education. By attending universities, they can broaden their horizons and gain insights into their chosen fields that would help enhance their career prospects. Secondly, more people entering universities could make a great contribution to the society. To be more specific, the nation’s workforce will be significantly beneficial because of a large number of well-informed and educated citizens, which will have positive influences on the national economy. In conclusion, there are several causes leading to this trend and I believe its advantages for people and the community are greater than drawbacks, therefore more and more individuals should be encouraged to pursue tertiary education.
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