It is better to save money than to spend it. How far do you agree with this statement? Is saving more important than spending in today's world?

It is said that saving money is considered as a wiser choice compared to spending it. I partly agree with this statement and in this modern world, saving the large amount of money for the future use is advantageous in some situations. On the one hand, saving money is a sensible precaution as the future is uncertain. For example, an individual might accidentally encounter unemployment, ill health or car accidents at some point in life. When these unexpected situations occur, it is essential to have some savings money to pay the daily household bills, to purchase medicines or to pay for hospital fees and such money usually is in large amount which is only accumulated through saving for a long period of time. On the other hand, some daily expenses are unavoidable such as housing, food, clothes and entertainment. In addition, people should treat themselves nicely by spending a great deal of income on vacation packages or high-end services once in a while. However, in my view, having a habit of saving money is more worthwhile then spending it in this ever-changing world. People who save more money than spend it tend to be self-disciplined. They can resist well to the temptation of attractive advertisements and stick to their savings plan. In that case, these people will definitely achieve the goals like buying a new house or a car. In conclusion, I believe that saving money is wiser than spending it due to various purposes to avoid uncertainty and accomplish bigger objectives.
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