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There is no doubt that in this day and this age, the majority of youngsters are often faced with problems in managing money. It seems to me that saving money is a judicious choice compared to squander it, and I will interpret the reasons here.
It is said that saving money is considered as a wiser choice compared to spending it. I partly agree with this statement and in this modern world, saving the large amount of money for the future use is advantageous in some situations.
Should savings take precedence over immediate consumption or vice-versa is an often asked question.  The need to find a proper balance between the two is getting ever critical in the face of growing economic uncertainty.  In my opinion, creating reserves for a rainy day is equally important as addressing immediate consumption needs and one can find a right balance between the two via proper planning and budgeting.
With the world in such economic turmoil, many of us face difficult choices in managing our money. Personally, I feel that saving is preferable to high spending, and i will explain why.
Money is one of the essential things in our life, some people can afford good money or some can't. So saving is a good option as compared to spending it. I totally agree with this statement.
Nowadays, the economy was declined significantly in the stage of the covid-19 epidemic so we are faced with the income. It seems to me that saving money is a judicious decision and I will explain the reasons in this essay.
In contemporary times, the number of citizens may prone to financial issues which regularly take place on a daily basis. Therefore, it is argued that storing a great deal of income better than we spend it. It seems to me that saving money may bring many benefits in our life. I will prove why it is an extremely vital concern.
It is now some time since the whole universe was involved in one war. The world nowadays is no comparison to the past, when millions of soldiers were lost on the battlefield. As the world today is significantly safer than previously, it can be argued that governments should stop spending large amounts of money on their military forces. I agree that governments should not spend abundant money on the military.
Having a strong military force is essential to make our world safer in compare to others. People believe that government does not have to invest money towards the army because our world is becoming safer place than it was before the century. This essay will argue that funds are needed to make our military more powerful and so that I am disagree with the opinion.
It is now some time since the whole world was involved in one war. The earth nowadays is no comparison to the past, when millions of soldiers were lost on the battlefield. As the earth today is significantly safer than previously, it can be argued that governments should stop spending large amounts of money on their military forces.
It is long time, the world, nowadays, has not involved with any significantly clash. Today's, world is no comparison with past when people spent most time in the battlefield. Conversely, The world is much more secure place than past. It is argued that governments should stop consuming money for developing armed forces while remaining few individuals thinking it is compulsory to make potent armed forces. My essay supports that army forces are indispensable significant part of nations. This essay is going to narrate firstly, always need to give emphasis on the armed forces, in case they are needed. Secondly Armed forces can easily handle serious situation in nations.
The peace of the earth has always been a challenging dilemma in any areas which people struggle for it. In recent days, many people believe that the world is safer than the last century and the government should invest more economically in the armed force.This essay will disagree in part with the viewpoint and will offer reasons for this position
Nowadays, every nation do numerous activities for mantain their country. In present years world is a perfect place than the past years as well as respective authorities can stop spend high amounts of money on their society forces. I totally disagree with this notion. I will discuss some of relevant reasons and examples in following paragraphs.
The world is now safer place than it was a century ago. Therefore, governments should not waste vast amount of money on their armed force. It is indisputable that security of people in each region is one of the main factors to remain peaceful lives in humanity. However, there are many international agreements happens nowadays and I believed that the world can be peaceful with the intention of morals and ethics rather than the violence war.
Every part of the world is evidently trying to seize and conquer the other developing nations to be superior. This intervenes the insured risk associated with every nation on the globe, that needs to have a constant check on the security and well-being of its citizens. There are some disputes whether the national governing bodies should invest huge amounts in strenghtening the military bodies or not. While I believe that the armies are the ones with the help of whom the nation sleeps, I fully agree with the former view. My inclination towards the same is justified in the following paragraphs.
By surveying of human history, it has obviously been observed that in the past, people and their governments suffered from a lot of difficult problems such as pandemic diseases, expanded poverty and famine as well as a wide array of wars. But nowadays thanks to modernity, technology and awareness, these adverse aspects of human lives have considerably shrinked (shrunk) and rectified. From this perspective, I would maintain that although pay attention to safety issues in different Countries should be considered, improving public health and expanding research fields by more investments from governments should not be underestimated.
Because there were no major wars in the last 70 years or so, people have started debating whether governments should invest a lot of funds in defence or not. Some people argue that globalization and technological advances have made the world a safer place, while others opine that we are more vulnerable than ever before. I am of the latter view and thus disagree with the given statement. Reasons for this will be presented in the following paragraphs.
Gone are the days when governments had to spend a hefty sum of money on the military forces to either intervene or to fight against the other country in the world war. Speaking of which throws light into other sensitive areas where the government should look into to improve the living standards of society. It is agreed that in contemporary times, our globe is safe and authorities should stop spending capital amounts to strengthen armed forces. Analyzing both attention required to overcome unemployment issues and to combat environmental disasters will show this.
These days, world wars do not happen as often as the last century. Therefore, many people think that governments would rather spend more money on public services instead of building the military forces. I partly agree with this notion because of some considerable reasons.
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