Social media is becoming increasingly popular amongst all age groups. However, sharing personal information on social media websites does have risks. Do you think that the advantages of social media outweigh the disadvantages.

Opinions vary on whether or not museums should be free for visitors. I can understand there are some positive effects, however, I am of the opinions that the advantages are eclipsed by the disadvantages. It cannot be denied that there are some benefits to some extent. One of the major points is that the admission charging can bring a great deal of money which operate the museums . Without these funds, the museums cannot be cleaned and maintained rather than they have the funds from government or other organizations . Another point is that the museums have enough budget to broaden their antique collections from the public sales, this accumulates a wide range of antiques being imbued with historical values from a number of historical periods. Notwithstanding the aforementioned argument, I believe that free admission is more advantageous in terms of introducing the history and culture through museums exhibition and the fact that helps sightseers be easily accessing the museums. Regarding the former, free entering attracts more tourists to enjoy the museum demonstration, which is an effective way to introduce national identity to the world and create a favorable impression to global friends . Another major contribution is that people especially children can enter easily without hesitation about the fee, this gives them a chance to enlarge their knowledge about the home country history and build up the familial relationship when the whole family visit the museum together and share the experiences about a time gone by. In conclusion, in my view, it would be better if free entering were admitted by all the museums.
Submitted by The expense of living is higher in developed nations and it affects directly to citizens and society. In this essay, I will express this issue and some resolves. People living in the US or any European country would face daily expensive cost and it affects directly to every citizen and society. Firstly, It forces adult individuals to work in most of the time and takes away enjoyable moments in their lives. For instance, a direct salesman in car dealers usually conducts their tasks from 6 am to 8 pm to maximum volume of sales and meet daily costs. Secondly, this fact creates a bunch of homeless people, who come from both white-collar and blue-collar workers. In Silicon Valley, teachers, bankers or staffs of governments live in track, which is normal images that local people see every day. The best way is that governments and corporation must act together. In the US, authorities in some province encourage real estate companies to build more houses and apartments, they act to remove and shrink terms, conditions in certain sectors. Some also decrease business tax massively to attract large conglomerate. It results in thousands of apartments, house, which appear at the edge of cities or state. Let’s take Google corporation is an example, they proactively associated with state government and sponsor to provide low-cost houses in Silicon Valley for their employees and valley citizens. High cost in developed countries and other issues always happens in different contexts, hence individuals, corporation, and authorities must act and take their responsibility in life and our society. on
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