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The death toll numbers on our roads have been increasing year on year basis. Some people believe that tougher rules must be implemented on teens like to have an eligibility age of 24 and over to drive, whilst other people believe that teen should be educated on effects of rash and drink driving which is one of the major causes of death on the road. I believe that setting an age limit for teens is not the solution and in this essay, we discuss how can find alternatives to this problem.
Recent advancements in technology and science are reshaping our world in an unprecedented manner. It is true that social networking sites have a profound influence on people in these days. While there are few disadvantages of using social media platforms, I believe that the advantages far outweighs it. My essay will discuss the same.
When it comes to the effects of social media on modern friendship, people tend to hold different views. Some claim that we are getting more and more disconnected with the rise of social media while others argue that social media is helping people to find new friends.
Inspite of various risks of putting information on social media, it is very famous among all generations. I think that these communication sites provide various benefits which outweigh its drawbacks.
The computer program may not able to recognise regional variation of the language. Another point is that in many parts of the world computer is not so popular, similarly, those who are hugely depending on this system would suffer if it is suddenly crashed. Learning a language would help them to understand the culture in detail and allow them to have conversation with native people, when travelling there.
In the digital era the world is connected, and the people are able to communicate with each other like never before. With the exponential increase in the technology adaption, many people from across the age spectrum started coming online for the first time and as a result, use of the social media has exploded. However, this trend has both pros and cons associated with it. I believe, disadvantages clearly out muscle the benefits it provides.
Consumption of internet, especially, need of social media has increased exponentially for last few years. I intend that social media has brought benefits in our lives rather than disadvantages, if we use it properly.
Almost all mobile phones now have social media applications. Through the recent years social media has become very popular among all age generations and like every technilogy it has a good and a bad side though in my opinion I believe that it's advantages outweigh it's disadvantages.
Recently the number of people using social media has increased considerably. Although social media brings a couple of dangers of leaking personal information, I believe the benefits it causes is much more than drawbacks.
There is no doubt that the dramatic rise in living standards throughout last decades have provided enormous benefits for our daily life, particularly type of entertainment. One of the most popular kinds of entertainment currently is social media. Although social media possesses several advantages in terms of entertainment and relationship, shortage of actual interaction combining with personal risk are two disadvantages of it. Before presenting writer's idea, the following essay will analyze social media pros and cons
Social media today play a main role in severals aspects of our life. They are used by people of different ages in different way. But sometimes they are used without any kinds of limits and this can creade serius problem of privacy leaks.
Opinions vary on whether or not museums should be free for visitors. I can understand there are some positive effects, however, I am of the opinions that the advantages are eclipsed by the disadvantages.
Firstly, a social media website can connects people. My sister Mina lives in the Czech Republic and I can share my mother's birthday and my cousin's wedding pictures with her via facebook. She would know that we are healthy and miss her very much. In old times it was impossible to connect people who lives at abroad. I remember that my aunt who lives in US could call only once or twice a year, because she could not afford the expensive international call fee. We missed her a lot, therefore we exchanged letters. However the letters take long time to get here. The problem is, you have to pay to make a intenational phone call. Also you need to pay for the stamps, and international stamps are cost a lot. For a social media website you don't need to pay anymore, if you are already paying for the internet and a lap top or a smartphone.
others. Moreover, recent controversial topic indicates that social media do have bad effect on people’s private lives, which I totally support in spite of its benefit to individuals.
In recent times, social media has created a huge impact in the society and debate is still going on to decide whether this has to be seen as a positive aspect or not. Even though people are becoming closer with the help of this, sharing personal information do possess risks. This essay will discuss both advantages and disadvantages and why disadvantages outweighs.
Begininng of 20th century saw an overwhelming increase in social media use across the world.The people from every age groups are amongst the users of social media.However, there certain downsides to the use of social media.Potentail risk of being exposed to hackers is one the main disadvantage.In my opinion , there are more disadvantages to the use of social media than advantages and some of them are stated below.
The society has dramatically changed with the evolution of the internet. Nowadays, information media have become immensely common amongst all the age groups of society. People use information media to share their stuff with mutual friends and relatives. Sometimes, this information could be harmed or damaged by some people. Although there are some disadvantages of this development, I believe that it has more benefits than drawbacks.
Since the social media has been invented it become a major platform for communication and people can keep themselves up to date with their live and about their families and friends lives as well. But many people believe that, positing your personal information has potentials risks.
Today, all age groups share personal data on social media each day without being aware of the potential harms. This essay will elaborate the advantages and disadvantages of the increased use of social media. In my opinion, the cons outweigh the pros and therefore use of social media should either be limited or replaced by a secure medium.
Social media has become a trend. The popularity of social media among the population is elevating. However, posting personal informations may have some setbacks. This essay will give reasons and examples why the benefits of social media outweigh the drawbacks.
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