nowadays many people have access to computer on a wide basis and a large number of children play computer games what are the negative impact of playing computer games and what can be done to minimize the bad effect?

it is truly to said that recently a lot of people can using information technology for searching everything espcially kids who willing to play games by computer are raising. using computer for children causes resiously consequences such as kisd will lazy to do their assigment and effect to health. therefore, this problem will disscussed in this essay and some solution will be suggested the first, play games in computer have bad effect for children because of games make them are addicted. for example, kids focus to olay games more than study lead to lower academic result and not pay attention to lessons. an addition, this problem maybe consequence about health. for instance, for kids who play game everytime will impact healthy special eyesight. based on the problems above, parents should be take care more their children and remove some the bad games. for example, give children to improve soft skill after a hard-study day or play sports like football, baseball,.... to increase their capapcity. moreover, lectures and lesson should be add more activities to go up the attraction of children. for instance, after lecture should have field trip to apply what knowledge they learned to reduce addicted play game by computer rate after stressfull lesson. in conclusion, computer games are wonderful to play and it also bring us nice thing but everything have limited. the best effective solution ate to parents and teacher need to take care more child and student and teach them about negative impact of play computer game
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