nowadays many people have access to computer on a wide basis and a large number of children play computer games what are the negative impact of playing computer games and what can be done to minimize the bad effect?

It is truly said that nowadays computers are popular and easy to use a tool in human life. However, playing games on computers of young people are gradually increasing. This is lead to a wide range of negative effects on their health and learning. Therefore, this issue will be discussed along with some solutions that may be implemented. The first cause of playing computer games may be that it will cause serious health-related consequences. For example, the game is actually a type of entertainment but when children play too much, it will be an addictive factor that makes them always come to it at any time. This leads to a child's vision to go down and moreover the child can lose eat and sleep with these games. A further of this problem may be that computer games also have a significant impact on the results and the learning process of kids. For illustrations, because the game is like a stimulant, it is inevitable that children neglect to learn. As a result, children can feel bored whenever they see books and want to drop out of school. This leads to a downward learning result and the amount of knowledge in the classroom is zero. Having fully understand the problems of playing computer games that possible actions should be taken to tackle these issue. Firstly, parents should regularly take children outside to play with their friends and encourage children to play folk games rather than computer games. Secondly, parents should care more about their children, always ask about their children's learning situation, listen and share with them to help them be more happy and comfortable in their learning as well as development physiological mind of children. In conclusion, playing computer games is not bad but it is also harmful to children's health and learning. In addition, parents also need to have appropriate solutions for games that children enjoy such as listening, sharing, chatting with children. Therefore reducing the harm that computer games bring.
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