Some people say that physical education classes are an important of childs education. While others believe that it is more important to focus on academics during school time Discuss both the views and give your opinion

Few people out of majority assumes that tutoring by coaching classes helps children in achieving milestone in education whereas there are others who believe that concentration in academia plays a vital role during school days. This essay agrees that academics is crucial in child's life. This essay will discuss about self-confidence built by private training mold child's studies as well as the importance of hard work in broadening career options during school tenure. On the one hand, many private classes tend to focus their intention to improve the inner strength needed while learning. This helps the students to widen their studies aspects and be more vigilant towards the subjects which they are studying. For example, Thomas Fernandes from St. Thomas high school and Jr. College help students to be more cautious while learning algebra topic whereas he also makes sure to reflect on the mistakes which improves their conscience. I disagree with this view because it will not embrace child in achieving their dreams. On the other hand, academy study broadens the scope of pursuing their career which a child has always mesmerized about. Due to multiple guidance during school period, students start researching on multiple course which lands them achieving their goal of opting a suitable course for themselves which will help them flourish. According to a recent survey, a child opts for Computer Engineering because they are familiar with the computer hardware and software. I agree with this view, as it will help child achieve their dreams and grow in their future endeavors. To conclude, the child success in education is not only depended on private tuitions but it is important to concentrate on the academics during school time. Even though there are many predictions but I truly believe that a child success is entirely based on their dedication towards studies which they learn in their school time.
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