In order to solve traffic problems, governments should tax private car owners heavily and use the money to improve the public transportation. What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a solution?

For the purpose of addressing traffic congestion, the authorities ought to raise money to perfect public transport systems by increasing personal property tax for cars. Besides considering the merits which are benefits of reducing owned cars, it is neccessary to think over the demerits which are inconvenience, when urban citizens travel around cities. Both pros and cons will be discussed in details in the following essay. On the one hand, authorities force the increasing taxes of personal cars, which lead to the low rate of those kinds of cars. Therefore, local environment will be improved, there are less parking lots and more lands for other infrastructures. In addition, urban citizens feel more at ease and foreign tourists are more fulfilled in traveling around the big cities. In particular, young people will have chances to commute independently by their owned motors. It is expected that traffic congestion will tend to substantially plunge. If this is a case, the environment surrounding residents will be devoid of deleterious emissions. On the other hand, besides some benefits mentioned above, there are also difficulties in economy development. To begin with, when vehicle owners go down, it affects negatively on all local car companies, resulting unemployment and crimes. Second, foreign commercial enterprises invest and support less financially on automobile industry owing to its degradation. Finally, in remote areas, there are still a lack of skytrains and metro trains. Because governments tend to improve the essential infrastructures in center of the city first. Despite of high-cost taxes on personal vehicles, inhabitants here still buy and commute by cars because of its convenience. To conclude, it is undeniable that governments ought to set a increase on taxes of personal car vehicles to have better income on public transportation. Even though there have still been existed positive and negative sides of this measure. However, if authorities can set aside money for public underground railway systems, local people will benefit from them.
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