Some people believe that unpaid community service should be a compulsory part of high school programmers (for example working for charity, improving the neighborhood or teaching sports to younger children).

Many thinking of work on the community service as a volunteer that should be forced and must be carried out in high school programmers. Although being a volunteer ought to be encourages, I do not agree that we should perform it as a mandatory part of high school programmers. Most teenagers feel stresses from their studies already. And so, they don’t need to add more responsibility of working the unpaid community service in their free time. Young people have been learning as a full-time job in order to prepare their later lives: working out for their university entrance examination, their final exam or paying attention on the major knowledge which is they received in class everyday. Besides, we might suggestions it as good actives in young childrens’ vacation without compulsory. On the other hands, I do not think that society will have a positive change from students to do unpaid work. As we know, the main proposed idea that helping the society is one of ways to practice basis skills for the children which is help them to be mature enough in their life. Likewise, this can turn shy children into positive members. Additionally, let’s make them decide instead of obliging students .Indeed that will only lead to resentment amongst young children and that could be considered that we are trying to against the values of free and break the fair society what the human are going to turn towards. In conclusion, I think there are more other efficient methods to improve the society without making it compulsory.
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