International tourism is the world’s biggest industry. Unfortunately, this trend often causes tension rather than understanding between people from different cultures. Agree or disagree

I a wworld with far more modernized than ever before international tourism has became the most prominent sector in industry. While there are several benificial for this trend, I believe that this trend could still brings drawbacks. It is clear that foreign tourists bring some advantages for local people. This is due to the fact that oversea tourists would create job opportunities for the local as well as directly contribute to thier income via accomodation, food and transportation. As a result, local people could improve standard livings, spending more money for their health and educating their children in a better way. However, I believe this to be a very short-sighted view. It is evidence that tourists coming from other nations would destroy biodiversity as well as residential areas. To be more precise, investors could cut down trees even forest to build attractive areas which captivate tourists to raise income for it. It is evidence that foreign visitors could bring a mix of civilisations. This is simply because simultanously people become easier to approach new culture values coming from other countries in over the world. Consequently, local would lost traditional values as well as unique cultures remained thousand years. What is more, the local face with contamination issues produced by tourists such as air or noise pullutions. Because travellers could use mean of transportations to move all of attractive destinationand speak with any volumn they want. This would lead to people could easier to get diseases related to lung or mental illnesses. In conclusion, it is undeniable that there are some merits from international tourists in tourism industry. I would be believe that the phenomenon also brings some demerits.
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