Some people say that the best way to improve public health is by increasing the number of sports facilities. Others, however, say that this would have little effect on public health and that other measure are required. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Many peaple argue in favot of the policy to increase the number of sports facities, for example gyms, gyms a means of improving public health. The others think that this is ineffective ond ofher methods need to be considered. I advocate the latter. By inairasing the nuber of spors anenties,people are provided uih nsre aolbble and acesble pluco to exercise at.Also,it focilitotes the busy to woit, out Moe offlen as tley no lonyer hore to drive out as for as betore.thure tore,itio rtoc Maly Yuat people uill sperd their fre tire exercoing in steod of doing _nonsenscol acthiulties,such ar cwutting or playhy ganes,ceside,erercise vmes our bodies to releose varios benefcial substares and relieres stress,increasing the pedychvly togetu witrhoppioess.Tn long tern,consistent exeiase ruy also leod to ie-contention as a whole. On the otler hord,to inocue tle nurber of sports toclithes is a Nrong, Soluhion to tle rumn pmbunThe achal pmnvlen is not thne lbodk of opeortunities ror re sources;however,it is atwl peugle being inactive.Ore of tle reasons uhy it has been hord. to mohwale eopu tu be asax ot ther health is not trat tte governnent tails to fucilitole tiem,it is becavse they ax unuilling to be actie.. This group of people makes up the maijonty.No matter hov abundont the local gyrs ar going to be Made,these groug will nerer chonge their unhealthy habits. However,there is a counter-soluton which is thovght to be Moke effechiwe:Edvcahon. Governnent sholl sturt by teoching pepl sirce the very yoory age hon inportant and prcervs thei health is,Possibe hamns as resvss of lock of exercise need to be addiesed.the aumrculum shoull infom fankly wrat diseares oie likely to Core hith vnbalthny hobits;dabets,haall dseue, and ttre oflon should be vividly ronthonek in schols.Finally,auaenss is roised properly. To conclude,the nesulting benchis of ivoeosing tu nurber ol spals fincilities cannot out wegnt trose ot the othe neans,Hhich is elucation.By folowing tw latter idoa,te goremrot Hill bxe able to pronote a subs trantiotely healthie sodedy
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