The diagrams below show the design for a wave-energy machine and its location. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

The two diagrams below explain a wave-energy machine’s design and the locations options and their costs. Overall, a wave-energy machine generates energy from sea waves. It utilizes water and air to generate electricity. In addition, its location is one of the important factors that affect the result. A wave-energy machine consists of two chambers, two turbines, and electricity generator. The first chamber allows water to come inside the machines, the second one used release air flow outside the machine. The machine utilizes the turbines to split air from water and create energy. Despite the machine’s mechanism, it is very important to place the machine in a suitable place to get the required output. The machines that installed in a large waves place create high energy. However, they have high expenses. On the other side, energy generators which located in a small waves position provide low output. Nevertheless, their costs are low.
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