In many parts of the world, teenagers and young people are committing more crimes. Why is this happening? How to address this issue?

In many parts of the world, juveniles are participating in criminal actions. There are some causes of this issue, and several steps can be taken to put an end to this potential problem. As many adolescents in the modern society are lack of supervision from their parents as well as their teachers, several related causes deserve consideration. The main cause is that a growing number of teenagers are possibly not carefully taught to show proper behaviour, by the parents who have to struggle to bring their children up on a low income, and therefore do not spend sufficient time teaching them. Furthermore, immature people are under the influence of corruptible lifestyles from social network or youtube. For example, more and more youngsters have a tendency to imitate improper actions through unhealthy videos owing to better access to internet namely instagram, facebook or zalo. There are several actions that could be taken to combat the issue described above. Firstly, a simple solution would be that the father or mother should give a high priority to educate their young people’s personality in an effort to prevent adolescents from social complexity. With regard to social issue, the government must lay down the rules towards the young by severe punishments. In this way, immature people might show positive changes in attitude. Finally, the agency should impose strict controls on media contents or social network, which will ensure a safe environment for citizens as well as maintain social stability. In conclusion, various measures can be taken to tackle the problem that is certain to arise as young people tend to involve in illegal activity.
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