Overpopulation of urban areas has led to numerous problems. Identify one or two serious problems and suggest ways that governments and individuals can tackle these problems

The last several decades have witnessed the increasing number of people from rural areas or smaller towns are migrating to urban areas. It appears to be increasingly clear that this adverse trend is causing the urban population explosion and tremendous social issues. However, with the co-operation between the government and individuals, this problem would be resolved as thoroughly as possible. The most alarming issue engendered by overcrowding in urban areas is housing shortage. It is widely known that every year flows of migrants from other areas come to cities in search of better quality of life; however, metropolitan places seem to be unable to meet the accommodation needs of a huge number of immigrants (Florida & Schneider, 2018). Therefore, this makes cities highly desirable real-estate markets as well as accelerates housing prices. Consequently, a lot of low-income people would more or less have difficulty in affording accommodation (Nallathiga, 2010). Another matter of major concern in populous urban is job crisis. The total number of job seekers in large metropolis is higher than that of available jobs, which makes the demand exceed supply. As a result, unemployment rate has risen tremendously in densely populated cities (Okorie, 2015). Moreover, according to Rinkesh (n.d.), there are causal links between joblessness and crimes. He points out that the unemployed would probably commit crimes such as theft, robbery or drug trafficking for attaining basic commodities and better living standards. There are several measures taken by government and residents to address these problems. The most obvious solution is for authorities to subsidize on constructing houses to cover citizens demand (Jerving, 2017). For instance, governments could auction public land to build houses for residents. Furthermore, encouraging job creation could be another good and long-term solution. As Rinkesh (n.d.) indicates, tourism promotion and construction industry can provide more employment opportunities for urban dwellers. In addition, individuals also have to be in charge of solving these issues. Firstly, each and every person should follow governmental policies against overpopulation. It is highly appreciated if a citizen act as a role model for other ones to follow. A possibly more successful way is to put pressure on the government to ensure that they give priority to tackle overpopulation. In conclusion, it is noticeable that overpopulation of urban areas has resulted in serious problems, of which housing shortage and job crisis are the most serious ones. In order to tackle these problems, the commitment of both the government and individuals is essential.
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